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Soluv Volume Two-Leadership Issue CoverLeadership Issue
Volume 2 Click Here to Download - PDF Format

Training coworkers, assisting a troubled friend, or implementing steps to achieve personal goals are just a few examples of how women mange and guide others. this issue of Soluv Magazine looks at communication within the realm of managing life and others. The three main concepts addressed center around:

  • The payback experienced when women fully realizing their role as influential beings.
  • Resources centered on the enhancement of leading through motivation.
  • Career spotlights on everyday women taking the lead in their careers.



Soluv Volume Two-Leadership Issue Cover

Enrich Your Mind • Love Your Soul • Enrich Your Body — Premier Issue
Volume 1 Click Here to Download - PDF Format

By focusing on the restorative messages required for finding a healthy balance of mind and body, Soluv trail blazes a refreshing option for your reading list.

“Self-knowledge equals Self-empowerment” , the Soluv message for Volume One.

This issue presents honest and in-depth articles & resources for courageous women willing to tap into the power of their inner strength

Soluv Magazine's Purpose

Soluv Magazine promotes the pursuit of a healthy balanced lifestyle and the consideration that loving who you are is the key to a fulfilling life.

We supply life solutions to enrich and empower the mind, body, and soul.

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Soluv Volume Two-Leadership Issue Cover

Leadership Issue
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Feb 13, 2012
The leading digital publication on self-empowerment, Soluv Magazine landmarks a new message for women "Mental and Physical Beauty is a Very Unique Part of Every Person" The first monthly volume releases February 14, 2012.